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5-Second Reviews

I suck at reviews. I know what I like but I can't make the words to explain it.

Reviews of 5 seconds in length are perfect for the linguistically challenged such as myself.

If you read it and it takes less than 5 seconds, just read it slower.

5-Second Review - Beleth: Silent Genesis

If you have never listened to Death Metal before, let this be your first. This is what it's all about. Uncompromising like open heart surgery with no anesthetic. This is Beleth's first album. If they keep stepping up like this then we'll see them charting some day. CD out 25 June.

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5-Second Review (Track) - Alluvial: Ulysses

So apparently I've been listening to Atmospheric Death Metal for a while without knowing it. From Alluvial's second album, Sarcoma, this track and indeed the rest of the album that I've listened to will definitely piss off your neighbors. My favourite thing here is the drums punctuate the vocals. Do you like it? Let me know.

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5-Second Review (Track) - Necronautical: Hypnagogia

This is the first single off Necronautical's upcoming fourth album, Slain In The Spirit. This is Black Metal with some orchestra and choir but not as high in the mix as say Dimmu Borgir. For me it marks a progression from the previous album which in turn was a progression from that and so on. I'm definitely keen to hear more from this album. If you haven't heard these guys before, my recommendation is to start with Black Sea Misanthropy from 2014 and work forward from there. Let me know what you think.

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5-Second Review - Helloween: Fear of the Fallen

Very Helloween and therefore not surprising. But that's ok. The video features the cloaked figure from the Keeper of the Seven Keys. This is cool. Brings back memories...good ones. What do you think?

5-Second Review - Gojira: Fortitude

Love the first half of this album - second half not so much. That got me thinking - is this because the singles I'd heard pre-release are in the first half of the album? Possibly. Your thoughts? Let me know!

5-Second Review - Cannibal Corpse: Violence Unimagined

Scorched FM is smashing some tracks of this awesome disc of late. For me, tons better than Red Before Black. Could it be .. different guitarist? Let me know what you think about it and I'll read it out on air.